About Us

Thought we would share a little introduction explaining 'why' we started Jivan. My partner and I love reed diffusers and have tried countless, but there were two main issues that we faced:


1. Strong artificial scents or fragrances triggered our headaches

2. Fragrances from reed diffusers started to taper off after a couple of weeks


This led us on a journey to search for diffusers which had subtle fragrances blended with a mix of essential oils fragrance oils. It took us close to a year to find a few suppliers (all family run!) who share our values of honesty, sustainability and true passion for aromatherapy, thus, Jivan was created.


Jivan means 'life' and this is centred around the quality of the products and packaging. Our aim is to be an honest and sustainable company, respecting and getting inspiration from what nature can offer us.