About Us

Jivan was started by Vijay and his other half, who is crazy about reed diffusers. Disappointed by the range of diffusers they had  purchased across different price ranges, they realised two keys issues

  • Diffusers which were cheap, did not last and/or
  • It just simply didn’t work.

They started researching and tinkering around with formulations and got friends and family to try it out before bringing it to the market. What started as a pet project soon escalated and they realised people loved they products and started to ask for more varieties.

From its humble beginnings, Jivan prides itself on 4 key principles:

Honesty - Jivan try to be sustainable where we can. ’Sustainable’ is not a term to be used loosely as every single step must be traceable back its origin and as a small business there are limitations as to how much we can do. However rest assured, we only work with suppliers who treat their workers right and pay them a fair wage!

Confidence - Jivan is compliant, adheres to safe use of oils and is IFRA compliant.

Quality - Jivan prides itself on providing quality reed diffusers that diffuse well and lasts!

A 'can-do' attitude - We will always strive to do better than yesterday!

Fragrance evoke memories which we create throughout our life. This is why we believe Jivan - which stands for life in hindi - is a fitting name